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Galvanized Iron Wire

We are into the business of providing excellent quality Galvanized Iron Wire used for as overhead ground wire or static wires. Galvanized Iron Wire that we offer is known for its high strength and it comprises of one or more zinc coated steel wires featuring tensile strength ranging from 35 kg/mm2 to 180kg/mm2. Our Galvanized Iron Wire is suitable for every application such as overhead transmission line, guying of pole, earthing of the overhead transmission line. Manufactured according to the BS-l83 and ASTM A-475and other international standard, our Galvanized Iron Wire is known for providing excellent performance. Furthermore, we make use of lead annealing instead of oil fired furnace.

Reasons For Adopting This Technology :

  • Though lead annealing is costlier than oil fired furnace, the softening of wire is better due to uniform penetration of heat throughout the cross section of wire.
  • In oil fired furnace, scaling in wires are formed which are avoided by lead annealing.
  • In oil fired furnace, there is the possibility of oil spot formation which again is avoided in lead annealing.
  • Our products are better rust-resistant because we use world class lubricants.

Higher the gauge size of wire thinner is the output Galvanized wire, steel wire, annealed wire

Wire gauge size

Metric (mm)

8 4.00
9 -
10 3.50
11 3.00
12 2.80
13 2.50
14 -
15 1.80
16 1.65
17 1.40
18 1.20
19 1.00
20 0.90
21 0.80
22 0.70