(An ISO 9001:2015 Certified *Star Export House)

We would like to introduce Vijay Wires Pvt Ltd ( An ISO 9001:2015 Certified & ROHS Accrediated & * STAR Export House by DGFT ) has started with new plant introduction of Bull Block 1000 mm Drum with drawing capacity from 10mm to 32mm with VFD Drive speed adjusting Feature & also we have Started Largest & Best Pickling Phosphating Plant Capacity of 50 MTs per Day Pickling Phosphating Plant Capacity . Entire Wire Rod of 2.4MT Dipping Capcity .

We are currently doing Job Work for sizes from 3mm to 32mm of HB / Annealing / PPD / HHB ( DAD ) for all grades like Boron , MS , High Carbon as per Clients requirement . We maintain 19 Record Files for Proper Quality & Tracebility of your valuable wire we recieve for Jobwork purpose From Inward to Pickle Phosphate ,From Pickle Phosphate to Draw & From Drawing to Annealing OR Drawing to Loading ,Despatch & NABl Accredicated Lab Reports attached with Unique Id Given to each coil / Bundle of your wire & also Colour Coding for easy reference for your Plant inward . ( All Record Files / Books are available during your Audit at Ambernath ) with all our experts of Wire Drawing , Annealing & Phosphating availble for your queries if any.

Below is Our Wire Drawing Plant & Pickling Phosphating Capacity:-

Sr. No

Description of Equipments


Monthly Drawing Capacity


Bull Block 1000 mm Dia

1 Bull Block 10mm - 32mm

500 MTons

2 700 Bull Block 750mm Dia 1Bull Block 6mm-10mm 150 MTons


Drum Blocks- 600mm Dia

11 nos Vertical Bull Blocks

600 MTons


Drum Blocks 400 mm Dia

18 nos vertical blocks

300 MTons




1550 M.Tons Per Month


Tool ,Payoff/Panel box -2,Dead Block coiler, killing Roller

1 set for each machine



Overhead cranes

2 nos

3 Tons each


Overhead cranes

2 nos

5 Tons each


Pickling and phosphating Tanks & Lime /Borax coating

1 nos each



Furnace for (HHB)

2 nos

2 Tons Each