Why to invest in Dapoli

Be it land, apartments or commercial realty, every investor wants to own a property on which he can get attractive returns. But, investing in real estate, especially in cities and metropolitans, is an expensive affair.

In such a scenario, investing in offbeat locations, which require modest investment, could prove to be beneficial. It is the fringes of the cities that are giving attractive investment options today.

The potential is being tapped by developers, who are offering better options to investors in these suburbs. If chosen wisely, these offbeat options can offer significant returns over low investments.

Konkan and especially Dapoli have caught the Eye of not only the Indian Government but also the Japanese Government. The Japanese Govt is funding the Indian Govt’s Ambitious Project, the DMIC. Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor. The major Development taking place under DMIC is the Dighi Port and its Fringe Area.

Dapoli is the nearest most preffered destination for Punekars & Mumbaikars because of its cool weather & endless scenic coastal stretch. It is also called "Mini Mahabaleshwar" because of its cool climate throughout the year. In Nov- Jan the temperature drops down to 10*C. Considering the ever increasing tourist response & preference to Dapoli&Konkan coast line uptill GOA……Govt. of Mahashtra has came up with many development plans as below …..because of which there is a huge potential of appreciation of Property prices in this particular stretch.

1. Six Lanning of Mumbai - Goa NH-17 Highway. (The route will be 6 Lanned& even the new 1 tunnels which will cut distance by 4.5 kms thereby reducing travelling time.
Mumbai - Goa NH-17 Highway: Two Lane Highway to a Four Lane, almost 40% work is over from Mumbai- Indapur.
The work on converting the highway will be done in parts. The work on the 84 km stretch from Panvel to Indapur – which includes six major and 23 minor bridges, one flyover and pedestrian and vehicular underpasses – will be converted into four-lane by June. 2018. Around 28km of that stretch is already a four-lane road. This stretch will also have two toll plazas, one at Kharpada and the other at Sukeli. 1.4 kilometre tunnel at the Karnala bird sanctuary.

Work has already been commenced from Sawantwadi for the Six Lane Mumbai – Sawantwadi Expressway planned by the Government. (this expressway is passing near our property)

2. RAIL : The sanction of CST to Roha - Local Rail connect from Mumbai would be extended to Mangaon&Mahad by April 2019.
Because of which Dapoli connectivity would be much easier via Mahad railway station which is just 45 kms. And also this will impact the road traffic of people travelling from Mumbai to Mahad.

3. New International Airport @ Panvel which will be full fledged operational by Mid of 2020.
Upcoming International Airport is again a good news for NRI investors looking for owning a dream Villa in the nearest Coastline i.eDapoli. New International Ariport is just gonna be 165 kms i.e 2 hrs 30 mins. FromDapoli. Property prices will reflect a huge impact because of this development. Also Belapur Jetty is 10 mins from New Int’l airport of NRI travellers can take a Speed boat n reach their Sea villas @ Dapoli in 1 hr.

4. Bcoz of this upcoming New International Airport of Panvel CIDCO has expanded their territory upto 30 kms from which is just 135 kms from Dapoli.
So now all CIDCO upcoming developments required for airport would be done in this stretch of 30 kmsextended territory, thereby impacting property prices of neighbouring coastline.

5. Mumbai Trans Harbour Link from Sewri to NawaSheva likely to start by April 2018 and complete it within 3 years.
The coastal road, estimated to cost about Rs 8,000 crore, is planned as a freeway from Nariman Point to Kandivali, while the Rs 8,800 crore MTHL will connect Sewri in the city to Nhava in the hinterland.

Mumbai trans harbour link which will be 22km long which will reduce mumbai to panvel distance by 15kms & it is further planned to connect mumbai -goa road which will again reduce more 6 kms distance as well as traffic less route……so again travelling time reduced by around 1Hr because of 21 kms distance reduced. This is an oppourtinity for tourism developing in nearest coastal destination which is Dapoli.After this & many other such upcoming developments travelling time between South Mumbai to Dapoli would be Only 3 Hrs Max. Drive

6. New 4 Lane Linking flyover of 7 kms near @ Vhadkhal Naka is under development
This flyover will be used to divert traffic of people travelling from Mumbai to Alibaug thereby decongesting Mumbai-Goa road via VhadkhalNaka ….so speedy movement of travellers is expected. This bridge is expected to be operational by end of 2018.

7. Dream project of Govt. of Maharashtra & Goa to connect Mumbai to Goa via Coastal road which will be parallel to Mumbai-Goa NH 17.
80% of this route would be via Seaside parallel coastline ……Panvel - Alibaug – Kashid – Murud – Harihareshwar- Dapoli- Dabhol- Guhagar- Ganpatipule- Ratnagiri- Devgad- Malvan- Tircol- Goa

Current coastal route is 2 lane but new coastal highway is gonna be 6 Lane route. And also there are 3 tunnels & 22 flyovers proposed on this route which will cut down distance by 37kms This is considered one of the major development which will boost property prices in Dapoli. Also because of flyovers travelling time would be reduced by more than1 hr. Work of this coastal route is started from Goa & expected to be finished by 2022.

Highlight of this development is that this highway is purely intended for boosting tourism of coastline Konkan ….so heavy vehicles are prohibited on this route. So this is gonna be a very scenic sea parallel …traffic free route with lots of food malls …..for foodies !!

8. Mumbaikars have great news since seaways are sanctioned for Mumbai to Konkan & Goa… In order to deconjest road traffics.
Because of this Dapoli would just be a Journey of 2.45 hr from Gateway of India & from Navi Mumbai Belapur Jetty. This will boost tourism in Dapoli as there is no road travelling involved. One more hidden added benefit will be that even the 6 lane NH-17 route as well as the coastal Highway will be free of vehicals ……so even roadway drive will also be 3hrs very pleasant & scenic drive via from Mumbai in near future.

Even private Speed boats are proposed which will be 1 hr from Colaba & Bhaucha Dhakka & Belapur to Hairnai, Dapoli as the distance is just 32 nautical miles i.e 60 kms via waterways. Experts presume this will be the future of transportation for Konkan travellers….where in people will own speedboats instead of Luxury Cars.


9. Jetty at Harnai beach, Dapoli
Good news is the Boat Jetty of Dapoli is sanctioned at harnai beach, Dapoli which is just 3 kms distance from our location. So Harnai Beach property prices will boost than an other locations investment of Dapoli itself.

10. Tamini Ghat Road widening
Pune to Mangaon Road from Tamhini Ghat is going to be a 4 Lane Tar Road from existing 2 Lane Tar Road. The Tamhini Ghat is also getting a Tunnel Section cutting the travel distance by 24 Kilometres and Commute Time by 45 Minutes. All of this and many more development is going to happen in next 5 years and with that, Dapoli will become a 2.45 Hr Ride from both Pune !! Investing in this location promises high returns.