(An ISO 9001:2015 Certified *Star Export House)
Warehousing & Logistics

VGI has maintained an impeccable track record in logistics. Our in-house supply chain solutions are capable of costing and monitoring the movement of products with ease using an economy of scale and a broad range of activity.

VGI logistics department coordinates the movement of over 12,000 20 foot containers annually, and synchronises their movement with over 15 various shipping lines and agents. We pride ourselves on our 50 specialised storage sites that are strategically situated near intermodal container transfer nodes for efficient delivery.

VGI implements the road and rail movement of 260,000 tonnes per year via semi-trailers, bulk road tankers and a fleet of rigid vehicles.

Facilities at our sites include large tank farms (30 bulk tanks), several formulating tanks, and a fleet of the company's own trucks for distribution purposes. VGI   also acts as toll manufacturers supplying chemicals in customers own containers or packaging to sizes suited to customers requirements.

We employ over 57 people directly involved in the supply chain, and an additional support network of 138 others. The logistics team efficiently engages in duties such as shipping documentation, customs, brokerage, complete inter-port functions and warehouse management to ensure customer peace of mind and satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on checking how well we've performed and on continually improving our process and systems.

  • We monitor all deliveries and shipments
  • We record all non-conformances
  • We analyse all customer and supplier complaints
  • We encourage evaluation of our systems by
    customers and suppliers
  • We benchmark ourselves against others to see how
    VGI compare.