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Anhydrous Trimethylamine(TMA) Gas
Parameters Specs Results
Purity %  bywt.min.     99.50%
Water %bywt.max 0.50
Ammonia %bywt.max 0.01
OtherAmines % by wt. max    0.30
Parameters Specs Results
PURITY %bywt.max 30%
MMA %by wt.min. 0.10
DMA     %by wt.max  0.10
Ammonia Traces  Complies

Anhydrous Trimethylamine and Aqueous solution are offered in bulk in suitable road tankers.
Smaller requirement of Anhydrous Trimethylamine are supplied in cylinders
Aqueous solution is also supplied in M.S. drums of 200 litre capacity containing 170 kg. of solution .

Trimethylamine is the basic raw material for the manufacture of:

  • Choline Chloride.
  • Ion Exchange Resins.
  • Fatty Chloride derivates, Cationic retarders and other Quaternary Ammonium compounds used as textile auxiliaries.
  • Certrimide, a disinfectant & germicidal
  • TMA Hydrochloride.

TMA also serves as a catalyst in various processes. As an acid inhibitor in the manufacture of Sulpha drugs or in reactions where HCI is released and is required to be removed.

Ion Exchange Resins, Choline Chloride for Poultry, Pharmaceuticals.