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CH3NH2 11
CAS No. 74.89.5

Anhydrous Monomethylamine(MMA) Gas
Parameters Specs Results
Purity %  bywt.min.     99.50%
Water %bywt.max 0.50
Ammonia %bywt.max 0.02
OtherAmines % by wt. max    0.40
AqueousMonomethylamine (MMA)
Parameters Specs Results
PURITY %by wt.min. 40%
DMA %bywt.max 0.20
TMA     % by wt. max    0.10
Ammonia Traces  Complies

Anhydrous Monomethylamine and Aqueous solutionare offered in bulk in suitable Road tankers.
Smaller requirement of Anhydrous Monomethylamine are supplied in cylinders
Aqueous solution is also supplied in MS Drums of 200 litre capacity containing 170kg of solution

MMA also has direct applications as a stabilizing agent for natural rubber latex, as a corrosion inhibitor toproject aIuminiumfrom hydrochloric acid. This chemical is used as an essential input in the manufacture of:

  • Dimethoate.
  • Carbaryl(1-naphthyI-N-methylcarbamate)- used as a systemic insecticide
  • Sodium N-Methyl dithiocarbamate-used as asoil disinfectant.
  • Anthraquinone derivatives- used in dyestuffs.
  • Theophyline Caffeine, Ephedrine andNeosynerphine used in drugs and pharmaceuticals.
  • Monomethylaminenitrate-used in explosives.
  • Methyl Diethanol amines.
  • Monomethylamine Hydrochloride.

Explosives, Pesticides, Dyestuffs, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals.