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Hydrogen Peroxide 35% / 50%

Vijay Gas Industry P Ltd is among the leading exporter for Hydrogen Peroxide which is a strong, nonpolluting oxidising agent and most of its uses and those of its derivatives depend on this property. The major areas of application are

  • Pulp & Paper bleaching
  • Textile bleaching,
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Water/ waste and effluent treatment
  • Mining / Metallurgy
  • Electronics
  • Rocket propulsion
  • Food and hygiene
  • Cosmetics
VGI has formulated Hydrogen Peroxide tailor made to meet specific industry needs.

Packing for Hydrogen Peroxide
» UN Approved HM HDPE Carbouys
» UN Approved HM HDPE Drums
» UN Approved New IBC Tanks
» ISO Tanks

HP 50%
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HP 35%
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