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CAS No.124.40.3

Anhydrous Dimethylamine (DMA) Gas
Parameters Specs Results
Purity %  bywt.min.     99.50%
Water %bywt.max 0.50
Ammonia %bywt.max 0.01
OtherAmines % by wt. max    0.20
Parameters Specs Results
PURITY % by wt. min. 40/50%
MMA % by wt. max. 0.10
TMA     % by wt. max. 0.10
Ammonia  Traces



Anhydrous Dimethylamine and Aqueous solution are offered in bulk in suitable road tankers.
Aqueous solution is also supplied in HDPE Drums of 200 litre capacity containing 175 kg of solution.
Smaller requirement of Anhydrous Dimethylamine are supplied in cylinders.

Dimethylamine is the basic raw material used in the manufacture of:

  • Weedicides like Isoproturon, Dioron etc.
  • TMTDS (Tetra methylathiuramdisulphide), zinc dimethyl dithiocarbamate. Sodium dimethyl dithiocarbamate : rubber vulcanization accelerators.
  • 2, 4-D and 2, 4 5 -TAmine Salts: weed killers.
  • DMF (Dimethyl Formamide), DMAC(Dimethyl Acetamide) and HexamethylPhosphoramide : solvents for Acrylic fibres,
    polyvinylidineChoride etc.
  • Antihistamines like Benedryl, trasquilzers like Sparine; loca I anaesthetics like Tetracaine and other such drugs and
  • LauryIDimethyIamine ox ide a n d quarternary ammonium compounds Surfactants/Ion - exchange, resins,germicidals and so on.
  • DimethylamineHydrochloride.Directapplication of DMA are as a modifier in the manufacture of Rayon Tyre Cord and HighWet Modulus Fibre. It is used as adehairing agent in the production ofsuperior quality leather.

Pesticides, Rayon, Rubber, Chemicals, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals.